Justin Mashouf is an Emmy winning director and editor based in Los Angeles. His 2019 award winning film The Honest Struggle tells the story of an ex-gang chief reentering society after 24 years in prison.  The Honest Struggle has received over 11 screenings at international film festivals, has been featured by international press, and is currently streaming on Amazon Prime.
Justin’s editing work has earned him 4 Los Angeles Emmy Awards, a Golden Mic Award, a Southern California Journalism Award, and a Brand Film Award. His work in directing commercials has garnered Shorty, Addy and One Show awards. Justin has done work for Honda, Acura, Farmers Insurance, Intuit, AMPM, Live Nation, Mo Amer, KTLA, University of California, and RPA advertising.
Carlos Cortes is a Chicago-born Director of Photography. He began his career at CNN headquarters and later moved to Los Angeles working as a contractor for NBC, Disney, Tribune, Extra, MTV, Discovery Channel, FOX, and the NFL Network. As a cameraman for KTLA, he captured his first three Emmy awards.
Carlos co-produced the award winning documentary The Honest Struggle and is currently a National Photographer with CBS News. He was recently a principle photographer for Oprah’s prime time Emmy award winning interview with recording artist Adele that drew nearly 10 million broadcast viewers. Carlos's years of experience have made him an expert in getting some of the best shots in the industry. He has been featured by Sony Cameras and is a brand ambassador for Litepanels.
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